An Examination Of Two Kinds Of Political Correctness Essay

Dori Kozloff, a former graduate student at the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, was forced out of the graduate program over a disagreement about the topic of her graduate thesis . At Washington State University Ed Swan, a graduate student in the College of Education, was forced to attend diversity training and was nearly forced out of the program due to the conservative viewpoints that he held . The efforts to restrict free speech have also made their way to the faculty.

political correctness essay

When a professor calls his female students “girls,” he’s implicitly questioning their membership in the adult community. But I also engaged in lengthy debates — inside and outside the classroom — over abortion and affirmative action. Everyone understood that these were hotly contested questions in American society. So we assumed that they should be vigorously debated at American colleges, too. This critical writing on Political Correctness as a Necessary Evil was written and submitted by your fellow student. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly.


The gap between the progressive perception and the reality of public views on this issue could do damage to the institutions that the woke elite collectively run. A publication whose editors think they represent the views of a majority of Americans when they actually speak to a small minority of the country may eventually see its influence wane and its readership decline. And a political candidate who believes she is speaking for half of the population when she is actually voicing the opinions of one-fifth is likely to lose the next election. The study should also make progressives more self-critical about the way in which speech norms serve as a marker of social distinction. Critics argue that political correctness cannot change the underlying feelings that lead to discrimination and social marginalization. (Dig round a university’s History or an English Department today and you might still discover a Marxist napping in his office.) Of course the youth rebellion of the 1960s found its home in the university. All these may now seem passing fancies, but political correctness figures to have a longer, and more significant, life than any of them, for it has affected not merely the institution of the university but the wider culture of the country.

political correctness essay

Political correctness expects us to plot our experience on the grid of identity, to interpret it in terms of our location at the intersection of a limited number of recognized categories. And experience is much more granular, and composed of a vastly larger number of variables, than is dreamt of in the PC philosophy. If a “gay transgender Caribbean” primary school dropout were able to gain a book deal with such ease, then where are all of the books by such people? Worse yet, the dichotomy she draws between demographic diversity on the one hand and worthwhile literature on the other implies that writers who are not white and heterosexual produce inferior literature.

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political correctness essay

The notion that political correctness has “gone mad” is familiar to anyone who follows even vaguely any aspect of modern political or cultural life. The phrase, ostensibly referring to language or action that is designed to avoid offence or harm to protected groups, has become a sharp criticism. It is synonymous with a sort of cultural political correctness essay McCarthyism, usually committed by the left. The real harm arises when we try to enforce the revised terminology with official sanctions and penalties. In their zeal to promote PC-1, too many of our colleges and universities have enacted speech codes that bar insulting or offensive language regarding race, gender, sexuality and more.

Political Correctness In The Essay ‘the Black Woman’

The change is the result not only of the rise of the customer-service mentality in academia, but also of the proletarianization of the faculty. Where once administrations worked in alliance with the faculty, were indeed largely composed of faculty, now they work against the faculty in alliance with students, a separate managerial stratum more interested in the satisfaction of its customers than the well-being of its employees. If a college bans racist statements, critics of affirmative action will be less likely to speak their minds lest they stand accused of racism themselves. And if homophobic speech is prohibited, faculty members and students who oppose same-sex marriage will be discouraged from sharing their point of view. That can’t be good for our colleges or even for the liberal causes that so many of us hold dear, which can only benefit from a full and complete debate. Intense emotions can emanate from the process, thereby degenerating into more issues or conflicts.

Although that kind of backing can feel good in the moment, it provides the opposite of what we really need. What’s needed is the counsel of trusted colleagues who can help us identify choices we make about how to behave or what to believe, as well as what alternatives are available. how to write an analytical essay When Brianna was at her wits’ end with Jay, she sought support from two friends to whom she frequently vented her feelings. They agreed with Brianna’s interpretation of his behavior, and Brianna felt vindicated, but she was not any closer to finding a way to work with him.

Review Essay:political Correctness: A Response From The Cultural Left

Brianna’s mentor was able to hear her concerns, but instead of reinforcing her anger, he pushed back and helped her develop a more useful approach. Support is not necessarily validation that your interpretation of the situation is correct or that your behavior was appropriate or warranted.

  • In the early 1990s, conservatives had begun using “political correctness” in a pejorative manner criticizing the teaching and advocacy of what they considered left-wing liberal ideology “gone wild” in U.S. colleges, universities, and liberal-leaning media.
  • But it’s hard to see how Trump — or anyone else — is harmed when we ask them to use a more respectful vocabulary for describing their fellow citizens.
  • Combatants from the left and the right will try to assess whether a writer is “for them” or “against them”.
  • People in the organization need to feel that, in questioning themselves or making themselves vulnerable, they will not be judged or punished.
  • To develop that kind of insight, leaders can build trusting personal relationships with senior-level staff who represent the organization’s diversity.
  • Sexism, for example, will not end by simply referring to salesmen and saleswomen as “salespersons.” Similarly, referring to the homeless as “temporarily displaced” will not create jobs or wipe out poverty.

Immediate removal of employees responsible for these acts may well be called for, but often these sorts of firings stir as many fears as the violations themselves. Leaders who support a learning orientation offer forums for discussing such incidents and for delving more deeply into questions about how and why they occurred. These forums can include “town hall meetings,” in which large groups of employees convene with the chief executive to air different points of view. Alternatively, the forums can consist of systematic inquiry, with focus groups of employees led by experienced professionals who summarize and feed back their findings to management and to groups of employees for collective review. Very often, outright misconduct is the culminating event of a long history of identity abrasions that have been occurring under the radar. Effective leaders see these incidents as a signal that the company’s culture requires attention. Legal and cultural changes over the past 40 years ushered unprecedented numbers of women and people of color into companies’ professional ranks.

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In an effort to be politically correct, college campuses, long thought to be a place for the free discussion of thoughts and ideas, are becoming a place where free thought has been replaced with a strict adherence to doctrine and ideology. It enables them to tell themselves that they are children of the light—part of the solution to our social ills, not an integral component of the problem. It may speak about dismantling the elite, but its real purpose is to flatter it. Political correctness meanwhile became the new national etiquette, at least among the self-acclaimed cognoscenti, or as they came to think of themselves, the “woke”—a word meaning those awake and responsive to the important social and political questions and issues of the day.

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