Search Methodology

We offer best-in-class customized search and on-boarding solutions

1. Creating Partnership

Client Shares job specifications

2. Distinct Strategy

Profiling done by Drivn team

3. Clear Communication

Game plan in place to source candidates

4. Extensive Mapping

Drivn team searches the right candidate

5. Thorough Screening

First level screening by the team

6. In-Depth Analysis

Short-listed candidates interviewed

7. Complete Download

Fitment and filtering on basis of skills

8. Prompt Follow-through

Shortlisted CVs sent to client

9. Shortlisting by Client

Client reviews and shortlists

10. Efficient execution

Interview co-ordiation and scheduling

11. Skilled support

Compensation, date of joining negotiation

12. Finesse

Mandate closed

13. Service Excellence

Post recruitment follow-up

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